Fran’s World Podcasts

Frans World Podcast #20, March 2019

The kids came down to learn about radio and watch a live broadcast of Fran’s world live at City Center in White plains New York.

Fran’s World Podcast #19 February 2019

Special guests WWF world heavyweight champion Bob Backlund, Adam McCauley 6th degree black belt, and Erin c. Caren the most prolific, well known historian and private collector of original historic newspapers, photos and documents in United States.

Fran’s World Podcast #16 October 2018

Features Aaron Wolf – director, actor, and co-founder of Howling Wolf productions, talking about his new film Restoring Tomorrow that will be playing in 1000 theaters nationwide on November 13th, it’s a story of hope, faith, and love.

Fran’s World Podcast #14 August 2018

Guest, Amy Lewis Sweetman of Agrisculpture creates artwork out of repurposed antique farm equipment. She surprised Fran with a Rose sculpture for her birthday. She calls the piece “Adventure Agrisculpture: Water Pump – Lovingly rethought for you!” Also national mom comedienne, Carole Montgomery, on the show, talks about her latest comedy project across the nation:…

Fran’s World Podcast #13 July 2018

This month’s show features: heathly lifestyle tips, Award winning TV show and you can land a part, and Helping adopted children around the world as seen on Ellen Show.

Fran’s World Show #11 May 2018

Seg 1 Host Fran Capó with creator Kim Orlando. Seg 2 Ellen Hayes, president of Seg 3 Matt Florio, creator of Comedyflo webseries

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