2013 Year-End Update

hello20142013 End of Year – Capo Update From Austria to New Zealand- Scaling Castle Walls, diving with sharks, sleeping with wolves and getting to be #11 on Amazon!

Quote: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive…and then go do it. The world needs people who come alive! Live in the HERE and Now! – Fran Capo

Hey Guys,
Well another year zooms by. I haven’t written a Capo update in months (yeah I know that’s a social media, no, no) …so here’s a quick summary before the clock strikes twelve.Thanks to all my friends and family for being supportive. I love you guys! (yeah, mush, mush)

12 Quick Capo Summary Events:

• Swam wit Bio-luminance creatures in Jamaica in the black of night with this mossy mud covering the lake bottom that would suck your feet down if you touched it.
• Held snakes and spiders at reptile show, then went to the Mob Wives red carpet party and met real snakes.
• Took a Lie detection class, and then used it in court to see who was lying.

• Did movie reviews with John Basedow for his Media Stew Channel.
• Produced the once a month dinner -comedy shows at Piazza Roma in Westchester (next show Fri. Jan 17th) and Rocco’s in Connecticut (next show Sat. Jan 11th) Events posted on Facebook

• Had my cat Rosio neutered again, since they missed one ball the first time around.
• Won in court. Yeah.
• Sold out shows at comedy clubs.
• Did the Penguin Plunge in Nyack to raise money for disabled Children. (You know that’s when you jump into freezing cold water and convince yourself it’s a good thing for a good cause ☺ (Doing it again on March 2nd in 2014)

• Did fundraiser for “Dogs for Deaf” with John Basedow.
• Fast talked on the Legendary Uncle Floyd’s radio show and talked about my book “Hopeville: the City of Light coming out in e-book format.”
• Flew to Austria with my friend, the fabulous singer Dalal. Did the Quint System therapy with her mom and scaled a castle wall, with an open gravesite right underneath me just in case I plunged to my death…very convenient. (Read article:

5. MAY:
• Climbed to the top of Sam’s Point Water Falls with my on, Spencer for Mothers Day…quite a little hike- all was good.
• Sprained my ankle doing something as mundane as moving furniture. I tell you I’m safer doing extreme adventures! Anyway, I hobbled on over to holistic doctor, Ken Kaybayashi for a quick fix of herbs that sucked the weakness out of my ankle.
• Went to screening of the horror movie, “The Library” that I was in. Turns out a large portion of my part wound up on the editing floor, why? Because my fingernails were painted and since it was a period piece it was a little odd to see someone being possessed wearing nail polish. (I’ll have to save my fast-talking in tongues for another gig.)

6. JUNE:
• Head to Italy for a world wind tour with my friend Lisa Wernick.
• Visited 8 cities in 15 days; Sorrento, where I spent a lot of money; Capri (where I took a boat to a smaller boat, to a tiny boat to go into the blue grotto; Matera (where there are 9000 year old caves and we slept in one); to Pompeii where I was helping on a research documentary with archeologists. During a break, we climbed Mount Vesuvius (which btw was overdue to explode so I figured if it’s going to erupt I’m not going to out run the lava, so I might as well see the
active volcano up close; then took Gladiator training in Rome (with my ankle still healing); raced up a church tower in Florence and saw the naked David; then to Venice where some Italian guys serenaded us and finally to the island of Murano Glass where we paid way too much for an art piece. (Read: 20 Important Tips for traveling in Italy – http://www.travelingmom.com/?s=Fran+Capo+italy

• Slept with Wolves (did not spoon with them) but did listen to them howl all night. (Read article: http://www.travelingmom.com/sleeping-with-the-wolves)
• 37th Birthday party again! Had 40 friends over, plus llamas and owls (because the Kangaroo was booked.) Had a 150-foot water slide put in our backyard that propelled people towards the lake. Then ended the party with having guests eat mystery foods (alligator and ostrich) and then teaching then to bend spoons with their minds.
• Friends help make my e-book, Hopeville: The City of Light goes to #11 on
Amazon!!!! http://amzn.to/137D0hD

• Search for Buried treasure in the Green Mountain back hills of Dover Vermont (read article: http://www.travelingmom.com/fran-capo-takes-green-mountain-challenge/
• Jumped out of a third story window several times and lived to write about it.
(read article: http://www.travelingmom.com/jump-window-without-killing-stunt-school-experience)
• Capo Cookout – Had the Capo Clan over and invited the llamas again (Yes real
llamas not a Spanish speaking neighbor) Exchanged embarrassing family
• Took a gelato making class, gained 5 pounds in one sitting, rolled home.

• Judge in two dessert making contests, ate my way to the winner.
• Made friends and did radio show at WHUD in Poughkeepsie.
• Shot Documentary film: “Under my Skin” at my house.
• Did Stephen Feldstein’s Angel Round table, and found “angels” to record Hopeville: The City of light as audio book. (Release date in March 2014).
• Ribbon Cutting for my good friend, interior designer Natalie Weinstein’s store, “Uniquely Natalie” in St James New York. (You can put stuff on consignment there if you like.)

• Got Routine Mammogram to make sure things are as they should be. Did Stephanie
Abrams radio show, giving tips on how to survive extreme Adventure
• Dove with 40,000-pound whale sharks, the largest fish in the world, and avoided getting butt headed by groupers. (article coming out in January).
• Did Uncle Floyd show again, thanks to George Bettinger and did Ouija Board on air for Halloween show.

• Steve Maraboli’s radio show in Port Washington studio talking about all things motivational.
• Did 7 day cleanse to bring down cholesterol…it worked went from 313 to 235 in 1 month! 78 points lower with no meds!
• Shot Culture Pop (award nominated Internet TV show) with John Basedow. Popped a balloon in Times Square and scared the crap out of a passerby.
• Record 2-day audio session and get Hopeville on tape complete with me doing 13 different character voices. (Thanks Nancy Lombardo for suggesting it! And Lisa, Mike and Dale for working on it.)

• Did both written interview and radio show for “Best Ever You.” (francapo.com)
• Spokesperson for 2 Degrees phone carrier in New Zealand and while there took on some Kiwi’s adventures. I went Zorbing (which is basically being rolled down a hill in a huge Plastic Gerbil ball, Sweebing (which is the cheap man’s way of zooming around a track) and Black water rafting (which is tubing in a cave with your butt stuck in a rubber tire while Glow Worms lite up the cave ceiling.
(article coming in Jan on travelingmoms.com Search Fran Capo.)
• Sent Quick Jib Jab Christmas video out: http://www.jibjab.com/holidays/christmas/fast_talkin_fran_christmas
• Had Spiritual Christmas party with Singing Crystal Bowl Meditation at my house with 15 people…awesome time, stayed up till 5 a.m. filled with energy and talking and girls in pajamas.

TONIGHT: I run the 4 mile Midnight Run in Central Park, just to make sure I start off running into the New Year, and so I log over 10,000 steps in my fit bit!

Happy New Year….Great things to come in 2014!!! Visualize and make it happen.
Create a Great Year!

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