Fran Capo is a 9-time world record holder who inspires creativity and change around the world, through her humor, motivation and wild adventures. She has been featured on over 6000 Radio, TV and Internet shows.

“Fran’s Talent knocks you over right away.!” – NEWSDAY

Fran was on Access Hollywood recently!

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Fran Capo is a comedienne, keynote motivational speaker, 22 time author, adventurer, consultant, spokesperson, thought leader, radio host, actress and 9 time world record holder who has appeared on over 450 TV shows and 4500 radio shows including:  “Entertainment Tonight”, “Dr. Oz”, Good Morning America” and Nickelodeon. She is most known as The Guinness Book of World’s Records Fastest Talking Woman clocked at 603.32 WPM, that’s 11 words a second! Her 20th book, “Hopeville: The City of Light hit #11 on Amazon and reveals the 44 secrets of happiness and success.

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