World Record #5: Fastest Song to Nationally Syndicated Radio Broadcast

Fastest Song to Nationally Syndicated Radio Broadcast: 24 hours

12/12/2008: Mark Shepard and Fran Capo. Mark Shepard, ASCAP, co-conceived, wrote, and recorded the song. Fran Capo, ASCAP, publisher, had it broadcast on nationally syndicated radio as “Adventure Girl: The Fran Capo Theme Song.” The entire process took 24 hours, Fran and Mark had not met prior to this world record. It all happened through one email exchange and one phone call. Impressed, Fran had it nationally aired via broadcast radio  (not internet) within 24 hours. 


fran_markshepardMark Shepard and Fran Capo on “Live it Up” TV show.