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It Happened in Pennsylvania

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From the story behind the crack in the Liberty Bell to the tale of how a small leak triggered the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster, It Happened in Pennsylvania takes readers on a behind-the-scenes look at the intriguing people and episodes from the Keystone State’s past.

Here you’ll find out whether or not the Battle of Gettysburg was an attempt by Confederates to capture shoes, and how Frank W. Woolworth nickel-and-dimed his way to purchasing the Woolworth building for $13.2 million dollars - cash. You’ll meet the engineer who turned a spring into a popular toy, the doctor who spontaneously combusted, and the World War II - era Pitssburgh-Philadelphia football team called the Steagles.

In an easy to read style that’s entertaining and informative, the authors recount twenty-eight of the most captivating and unusual moments from Pennsylvania’s history

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