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It Happened in New York City

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The City That Never Sleeps can surely lay claim to more extraordinary occurrences than most other cities combined, and It Happened In New York City goes behind the scenes to tell its story, in short episodes that reveal the intriguing people and events that have shaped New York City and, indeed, America.
• Discover life on the moon—brought to you by the man who, in 1835, pulled off the most successful hoax in the history of American journalism.
• Be awed by an unforgettable, history-making speech in February 1860 by a “tall, unattractive” man named Abraham Lincoln.
• Learn how the miraculous survival of St. Paul’s Church on September 11, 2001, was only the most recent example of its more than 200 years of incredible luck.

About the Author

Fran Capo, the author of It Happened In books for New Jersey, New York State, and Pennsylvania, is the cohost of the TV talk show Live it Up! With Donna Drake and Fran Capo, broadcast in the tri-state region. She is also the Guinness Book of World Records’ Fastest Talking Female.
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