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Adrenaline Adventures

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Tired of the same old vacations? Want to do something cool without having to take out a second mortgage? Need a exciting story to tell at the next family gathering? If so, you are ready for some real adventure, and Adrenaline Adventures is the book for you. Find out how and where to experience unique, challenging adventures that you can do in a day or a weekend. Read the authors first person, humorous accounts of her 50 adventures. Learn what to expect and what to avoid while being a daredevil. Adrenaline Adventures is inspiring with over 50 motivational quotes, 50 high packed adventure stories and 50 adventure at a glance summaries. Have all the knowledge at your finger tips of where to drive a race car, pan for gold, skydive from 13, 000 feet, walk on hot coals, go whale watching, scuba dive with sharks and live to tell about it…or maybe just swim with their friendly cousins the dolphins…there’s so much more. Make life an exiciting adventure, or make it nothing at all….Adrenaline Adventure is the way to get your life off to a running start.

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