Podcasts – Fran’s World

Edition 1Transform you home with unique murals & why you should try a sensory deprivation tank
Guests: Karen Finney, Micah Saccomanno

Edition 2Restoring Tomorrow, Anti-aging, Charter schools
Guests: Aaron wolf, Dr. Bob Goldman, Sabena Cruz

Edition 3Casting agents, Yoga, Putnam Advocats & 6-time Emmy Award winner.
Guests: Pamela Kramer, Karen Shaw, Alan Gunsberg, Putnam Adovocats, Janette Barber.

Edition 4Nightmares, Quantum Light, Daily Drive, Live it up & Hypnagogic Lights
Guests: Rocky Consigliere, Ken Kobaysi, Denise Deigrigoli, Donna Drake

Edition 5Comic Cop & Fire eating transformation
Guests: Larry DIgregorio, Carson Tang – Powermastery

Edition 6Unusual networking & Intuitive healing
Guests: Toby Nadler, Rose Christmas

Edition 7Body acceptance & really cool mindful films.
Guests: Karen Signa, Elyse Neiman Seiter

Edition 8Brain Hunters, Physical Therapy and The No Doubt Zone
Guests: Robert Restro, Tom Protopapas, Dr. Fern Kazlow

Edition 9Presidents, Spheres of Influence, Pop Austrian Singer & H20 and heart attacks.
Guests: Kevin Titus, Lexa Rollins, Dalal Bruchmann, Carilyn Delafrange

Edition 10Dreams come true, The Queen of NYC Rock, and a Millionaire Thrillionaire teaches a 5 Day WEEKEND.

Edition 11 – Fran interviews TravelingMom.com creator Kim Orlando, Ellen Hayes, president of PutnamValleyBusinessNetwork.org, and Matt Florio, creator of Comedyflo webseries

Edition 12 – Fran’s World –Adoption & the importance of Financial Literacy
Guests: Pam Litman and Marcel Havyarimana

Edition 13 – This month’s show features: heathly lifestyle tips, Award winning TV show and you can land a part, and Helping adopted children around the world as seen on Ellen Show. Special Guests: Jeanette Taranto (Arbonne & Acting President of Putnam Valley Business), Dennis Cabrini (Creator of High Hopes) and Rob Scheer (Comfort Cases)

Edition 14 – Guest, Amy Lewis Sweetman of Agrisculpture creates artwork out of repurposed antique farm equipment.
She surprised Fran with a Rose sculpture for her birthday. She calls the piece “Adventure Agrisculpture: Water Pump – Lovingly rethought for you!” Also national mom comedienne, Carole Montgomery, on the show, talks about her latest comedy project across the nation: “Women of a Certain Age”

Edition 15 – Teresa Bolz & Laura Sweeney; Bob Greenberg; Dette Avalon

Edition 16 – And the World renowned Dr. Bob Goldman, 50-time author, Physician, surgeon, humanitarian, multi-world record holder and the man who created the anti-aging and personal trainer industries! Dr Bob gives his advice on success. Plus surprise guest on a special edition of Fran’s World.

Edition 17 – Ellen Easton; Clif Militello; Ron Mitchell

Edition 18 – Fran Interviews Writer, Director, And Producer Tricia Brouk

Edition 19 – Special guests WWF world heavyweight champion Bob Backlund, Adam McCauley 6th degree black belt, and Erin C. Caren the most prolific, well known historian and private collector of original historic newspapers, photos and documents in United States.

Edition 20 – Our special guest were specialty chef Melissa Eboli who prepares Delicious Gluten and dairy free foods, Lisa Zarcone author of a compelling memoir “The Unspoken Truth” as told through the eyes of herself as a 6 year old abused child, and Dr. Andrew Scarpati comedy producer of the 32 year running Comedy Cabaret (my favorite club!) and fantastic hypnotherapist who can get rid of your problems in days not years!

Edition 21 – Fran with neo-conceptual artist Richard Humann, plus Torchy Smith, John John Humphrey, and Franke Previte

Edition 22 Guest #1 Rhett Marks, The Home Inspector; Guest #2 Denny Daniel, founder of the Museum of Interesting Things; Guest #3 Per Bristow, creator of the SingingZone.com

Edition 23 – Richard Born; Bob Buchanan; Scarlett DeBease

Edition 24 – Part 1: Gerry McCambridge; Part 2: Cynthia Lowen

Edition 25 – Fran interviews guests Bradd Morse, Lou Dorio, and Richard Humann plus shares her latest adventures! Bradd Morse is Exotourism creator and owner of ZiplineNewYork.com and Canopytourdesign.com, Chief of Police Lou Dorio is the author of “Murder Finds the Suburbs” based on a real murder case he solved, and Richard Humann is a neo-conceptual artist whose Augmented Reality art is displayed above the High Line in New York until end of October.

Edition 26 – Fran interviews Raymond Pineiro and Ridgely Goldsbourgh

Edition 27 – Fran interviews Alan Chapell and Will Lee Martin

Edition 28 – Ramona Jan, Tiffany Candian, Matt Greenblatt

Edition 29 – Robin Gorman Newman, Joey Novick, China Blue

Edition 30 – Final Podcast with Sabrina Cruz, Alisa Farina Maynard, and Terry Isaiah Johnson

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