Podcasts – Fran’s World

Edition 1 – Transform you home with unique murals & why you should try a sensory deprivation tank
Guests: Karen Finney, Micah Saccomanno

Edition 2 – Restoring Tomorrow, Anti-aging, Charter schools
Guests: Aaron wolf, Dr. Bob Goldman, Sabena Cruz

Edition 3 – Casting agents, Yoga, Putnam Advocats & 6 time emmy award winner.
Guests: Pamela Kramer, Karen Shaw, Alan Gunsberg, Putnam Adovocats, Janette Barber.

Edition 4 – Nightmares, Quantum Light, Daily Drive, Live it up & Hypnagogic Lights
Guests: Rocky Consigliere, Ken Kobaysi, Denise Deigrigoli, Donna Drake

Edition 5 –Suits for Vets & Fire eating transformation
Guests: Larry DIgregorio, Carson Tang – Powermastery

Edition 6 – Unusual networking & Intuitive healing
Guests: Toby Nadler, Rose Christmas

Edition 7- Body acceptance & really cool mindful films.
Guests: Karen Signa, Elyse Neiman Seiter

Edition 8 –Brain Hunters, Physical Therapy and The No Doubt Zone
Guests: Robert Restro, Tom Protopapas, Dr. Fern Kazlow

Edition 9- Presidents, Spheres of Influence, Pop Austrian Singer & H20 and heart attacks.
Guests: Kevin Titus, Lexa Rollins, Dalal Bruchmann, Carilyn Delafrange

Edition 10 –Dreams come true, The Queen of NYC Rock, and a Millionaire Thrillionaire teaches a 5 Day WEEKEND.

Edition 11 –Traveling Moms, Doing Marketing for your Business Network & Creating a award winning Web Series.
Guests: Kim Orlando, Ellen Hayes, Matt Florio

Edition 12 –Adoption & the importance of Financial Literacy
Guests: Pam Litman and Marcel Havyarimana

Edition #13 –Dangerous Food, be cast in a movie and “Comfort cases” for foster care children.
Guests: Jeanette Taranto, Dennis Cabrini, Rob Shasteen-Scheer

Edition #14 – Unique farm equipment art and “Women of a Certain Age”
Guests: Amy Lewis Sweetman, Carole Montgomery

Edition #15- Mommy Mafia, Words Create Reality, Curing mold, Nanotechnology & Adam and Eve vindicated!
Guests: Laura Sweeney, Teresa Bolz, Bob Greenberg, Dette Avalon & Juleon Schins

Edition #16 – Fitness Made simple, Tibetan medicine, Grandmaster of Jiu jitsu, Father & Father, Brain Fitness & Ayuvedic medicine. Guests: John Basedow, Tsten Kunchong, Tom Renner, Mark Goldman, Alli Berman & Vasuda Gupta

Edition 17- Being a great host, Songs for Vets & 4 tips to success.
Guests Ellen Easton, Clifford Militello, Ron Mitchell

Edition 18 – How to Get on a Tedx Stage & a 90 year old who made her dream come true!
Guest: Tricia Brouk, Joy Munson

Edition 19 – WWF Champ Bob Backlund, self-defense & most prolific collector
Guests: Bob Backlund, Adam McCauley, Erin C. Caren

Edition 21- Famous Babyboomers, Woodstock tribute, Youngest motivational Speaker & How “Dirty Dancing” became a hit.
Guests: Torchy Smith, Richard Humann, The Amazing John John, Franke Previte
Link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1072129/5810947-edition-21-famous-babyboomers-woodstock-youngest-motivational-speaker-dirty-dancing.mp3

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