Month: October 2018

Fran’s World Podcast #16 October 2018

Features Aaron Wolf – director, actor, and co-founder of Howling Wolf productions, talking about his new film Restoring Tomorrow that will be playing in 1000 theaters nationwide on November 13th, it’s a story of hope, faith, and love.

Worlds Fastest Talker Defies Gravity

Ever dream of what it would be like to be an astronaut and experience Zero Gravity, well our fearless fast talker, Fran did just that in a recent Zero G adventure….

Ode to the Leatherman by Fran Capo

The Leatherman, The Leatherman a legend would be told About a silent stranger who would walk to parts unknown. He’d trek from Hudson to Connecticut, and places in between And grab a bite of food to eat, that would give his body steam. Punctual was his mark of fame, like clockwork on a wall, The…

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