Month: April 2018

Bianca Vlahos Interview with Fran Capo

Interview with Fran Capo. Fran is a comedienne, actress, 20 time author, adventurer, spokesperson, motivational speaker, radio host and 6 time world record holder

Fran’s World – Edition 9

Presidents, Spheres of Influence, Pop Austrian Singer & H20 and heart attacks. Guests: Kevin Titus, Lexa Rollins, Dalal Bruchmann, Carilyn Delafrange

MyLabs for Life

Fran recommends MyLabs for Life, and the company has endorsed Fran’s Hopeville book, as it helps give people an overall calmer and positive view of the world.

Fran Down Under

World’s fastest talking female interviewed on Channel 7 in Australia! See if you can keep up with Fran’s interview!

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