Month: July 2014

Jack & the Beanstalk

Fran Capo demonstrates her Guinness Book of World Record’s fastest talking in this classic (and hilariously adapted) fractured fairy tale

World’s Fastest Talking woman Inspires people

The World’s Fastest Talking Female, Fran Capo, has a Guinness Record and now a viral video to prove it. As John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) reports, fast-talking Fran, who recites the ‘3 Little Pigs’ nursery rhyme in about 15-seconds, is no ‘one hit wonder.’ She’s traveled from the Titanic to Mount Kilimanjaro and lists herself as a…

Yahoo: Meet the World’s Fastest Talking Woman

We sat down with the world’s fastest talking female. Fran Capo holds a world record for her gift of gab at 603 words per minute — or 11 words per second (no big deal). A YouTube video that’s gone viral this week showcases Fran reciting “The Three Little Pigs” really, really, really fast.

Tornado Chasing Adventure

Join the World’s Fastest Talking Female & TV Host, Fran Capo on one of her many Adrenaline Adventure segments on Live it up! In this episode she tornado chases with for 2 weeks getting up close and blown away by huge tornados and hail storms across 8 states!

Fran featured around the world! Fran’s recital of The Three Little Pigs has gone viral around the globe yesterday. Netherlands, Slovakia, Croatia, Vietnam, Australia, you name it.

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