Month: October 2011

10/14: See Fran at Piazza-Roma

Oct 14 See Fran Capo live at Piazza Roma Dinner Comedy Club. Piazza Roma and Fran Capo Productions Present Comedy Night in The Roma Room. Click here for more information.

10/11: Fran on Celebrity English

Alex: Are there other people in your family who are considered fast talkers?Fran Capo Answer: No. I always joke though that my sister, who taught herself how to speak 3 languages speaks them slow, so to make up for it, I speak one, really fast. Alex:  You are the official – Guinness World Records acknowledged …

10/19-22: World’s Fair of Clubs

Fran Capo is excited! The Adventurers Club Foundation is embarking on one of the biggest adventures yet. The Adventurers Club of Chicago has hit is 100th year and to celebrate they are having a four day ground breaking first of it’s kind, “World’s Fair of Clubs” event on October 19-22 in Chicago at the Hyatt…

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